Barrows OSRS Botting Guide


Barrows is an extremely popular moneymaker. This is because you can make millions per hour at a low combat level compared to all the rest of bosses. This makes it perfect for a botting farm operation or just generating Old School RuneScape gold for your main account.


You actually do not need any quest completed, some can help with varying levels though. The Morytania hard diary can increase your profit by roughly 20,000 GP per run on average, which without any rare drops, is the difference between 80k OSRS GP and 100k OSRS gold. If you are botting your main it is best to complete the diary if you can, but the requirements are by no means easy, making it not worth it for a gold farm. The Morytania hard diary simply provides you 50% extra runes from the reward chest.

Here are the combat requirements we need:

  • 43 prayer, protection prayers.
  • 50 base combat stats. Attack/strength/ranged. Defence doesn’t matter too much due to the use of protection prayers.
  • Run supplies. This includes your Barrows teleport tab, prayer potion(s), food.
  • Magic shortbow available at 50 Ranged. Upgrade to blowpipe at 75 Ranged.
  • For Magic, you can simply use fire blast at 59 Magic, or use Tridents at 75 magic (recommended). Many scripts use Iban’s blast which requies 51 Magic and the completion of Underground Pass, and is very effective.
  • For gear, it is feasible to complete with full Rune, you can do research into gear upgrades if you can afford it.

You can refer to a general Barrows’ guide to see the full requirements and gain an understanding of how the minigame works if you have never completed it before.


There are various scripts available for Barrows. These scripts will actually specify the requirements they have to complete Barrows. This means the requirements above are subject to the script, and they will provide you with examples of gear setups and stats needed to complete a typical run of the (script-wise complex) Barrows’ minigame.

Interestingly enough, there is no script available for RuneMate for doing Barrows. The most popular Barrows script is known as Frost Barrows from OSBot. It costs $10 USD to purchase and has a $10 monthly fee.

TriBot offers a script known as Netami’s Barrows. This comes at a cost of $5 fortnightly, per account. However, this script hasn’t been widely used and it is evident by the mere 7 pages of replies (at time of writing) in the forum thread. This may indicate a lack of testing done, and the anti-ban may not be that advanced and may trigger Jagex’s heuristic detection easily the more and more people use the script.

DreamBot offers Nex Barrows. This costs $25 to purchase and $20 monthly. Either that, or you must pay a lifetime license of $150.

Ultimately, you can read the reviews and compare & contrast the latest updates offered by these bots. You could also look into commissioning your own private script to minimize your ban risk, however, only go with a trusted author or they may send all their clients the same script for each request of the same thing. If you’re intending for a botting farm on Old School RuneScape, use unique IP addresses for each account using a proxy.


The profits aren’t even a question here! Barrows is a constant moneymaker that will make you at least 1 million OSRS gold per hour, up to 3 million OSRS gold per hour. Even if you start off with low combat levels, the more the bot runs, your stats will also go up. This further increases your profits. Moreover, as you make more profits you can invest into better gear. Whilst all the scripts are indeed premium, you will make enough profit from Barrows to sell some gold to easily cover the cost of any of these scripts.

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