Blast Furnace OSRS Botting Guide

Blast Furnace

In this guide, we are going to be exploring a highly remunerative guide for botting in Old School RuneScape. Let’s get right into the requirements so we can see if the method is something that is viable for your accounts.


One major misconception is that Blast Furnace makes having level 60 Smithing a mandatory requirement to engage in the minigame. Simply put, this is a false notion. You actually only need 30 Smithing, however, you will have to pay 2500 coins to the foreman operator every 10 minutes, on top of the other fees you will be charged. This fee is only paid manually by interacting with the foreman operator. Hence, if you only have 30 Smithing, you will be charged an extra 15,000 gold per hour and some minimal time loss in having to pay the foreman. Suffice to say, you will certainly get to level 60 Smithing in no time just by running your OSRS botting operation.

Completion of the quest ‘The Giant Dwarf‘ is mandatory. This quest can be a little lengthy, but the requirements aren’t high at all. You can also choose to bot all the stats required in addition to the quest itself to have an autonomous setup. Here are the requirements for The Giant Dwarf:

  • 12 Crafting
  • Completion of The Knight’s Sword (which means you must have 10 Mining as its requirement)
  • 16 Firemaking
  • 14 Thieving
  • 33 Magic

You also don’t need ice gloves or even a bucket of water at all (if you wait for others to cool the furnace down). Having the ice gloves certainly does increase the profit, but not having it does not significantly decrease it. If you are intending on setting up a large botting operation, using buckets of water would be ideal, because the ice gloves require Heroes Quest completion. Unless you’re going to be more discreet about your botting and are willing to quest bot your accounts, and have them train other stats, limiting their daily playtime significantly, you are best off not bothering with ice gloves.

It is definitely not worth it to manually operate the Blast Furnace. Use one of the designated Blast Furnace worlds and pay 72k/hr from the coffer to maximize your profit here.

Blast Furnace is only accessible for members. Thus, you must have a bond or pay subscription fees for each blast furnace account. Luckily, you can fund membership from your botting profits, even gradually expanding from one account.


Blast Furnace botting is, fortunately, really well covered. This means whatever client you prefer for botting will have a script for it. Needless to say, some scripts may be premium for certain clients.

Looking at two of the more popular OSRS botting clients, we can see the following scripts:

  • Silent’s Blast Furnace for RuneMate. RuneMate does make you upgrade plans, giving you 200 hours free a month. In addition to this, only 2 accounts can bot at once. Fortunately their plans are affordable if you are making plenty of gold from Blast Furnace. Silent’s script itself is not only completely free but well-regarded within the community.
  • Khal’s Blast Furnace and Perfect’s Blast Furnace are two examples for OSBot. Whilst these scripts are premium, OSBot doesn’t have the same stipulations as RuneMate, and effectively offers lifetime purchases.

If you do your research, any client you like will have at least one Blast Furnace script available for you to use!


Profitability is entirely dependent on market rates. You can make 1 million gold or 2 million gold per hour (from each account), if the market is paying well. The current rates can be seen here.

Further there are multiple different bars you can produce (that also have different ore:coal ratios). Different bars have their own unique level requirements. However, you can always do a lower profit/level bar just to advance your Smithing at first.

Best of luck with your OSRS botting! Should you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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