Fishing Lobsters OSRS Botting Guide

The final archetypal OSRS botting method we will be talking about is fishing lobsters in Karamja. This method requires the normal 7 quest points required for any free to play botting method and moderate skill requirements.


The skill levels required to start fishing lobsters is very simple to obtain. All you need is 40 fishing and you will start to fish lobsters at a decent rate. You can expect to gain around 220+ lobsters per hour when fishing at level 60+.

To gain the 7 quest points required to unlock the grand exchange and free trade I recommend completing the following quests;

  • Cooks Assistant
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Sheep Shearer

These quests are all free to play and very easy for a bot or a human player to complete.


For this botting method you can use any AIO fishing script that implements lobster fishing and banking. Every common botting client has literally 10+ different AIO fishing scripts available for free so finding one that works well shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are technically inclined, however, I do recommend creating your own custom fishing script to help lower your prospective ban rate further.


Catching lobsters at level 40 you can expect getting around 22k gold per hour. Once your botting account gets to level 60, you can expect to get around 60k gp per hour. At these rates, if you run 50 accounts at once, you can expect to earn around 3m gold per hour. At today’s conversion rates of $0.71 per mill this comes out to around $2.13 per hour. This means you would earn $51.12 per day, and $357.84 per week. In total, you can expect to earn around $850 per month accounting for bans and proxies.


In conclusion, catching lobsters in Karamja is one of the oldest botting methods in the game. It dates back to the pre-eoc days of RS3 when armies of bots would swarm Karamja to catch lobsters.

As always be sure to double check all the figures that are written in this post as they wont necessarily be accurate when you are reading this.

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