Grey Chinchompa OSRS Botting Guide

Today we will be talking about one of the best hunter botting strategies – hunting grey chinchompas! This method has very high skill requirements and requires you to complete one quest before starting the method.


The requirements for hunting black chinchompas are very simple. Every account you wish to use this method will require level 53 hunter and the eagles peak quest.

Training your hunter level to 53 using bots is very easy and quick to do using any hunter training script. I usually first hunt birds until I have the level to do falconry. After I reach level 53 I complete the eagles peak quest, I suggest using RSGoldFast to complete the quest for a low price, and begin hunting regular chinchompas. You can also sell them your extra RSGold!


One of the best red chinchompa scripts I’ve used so far is written for Tribot. daxHunter is a premium Tribot script, costing $9.99 USD a month to run, that is an all purpose hunting script for OSRS. This script, if coupled with other anti ban techniques, can bot for over a day easily without any issues.

The ban rates for hunter are undoubtedly higher than other lower profit methods, but if you use the proper ban mitigation techniques you can easily keep accounts for over a week making you over 75m gold per account.


Hunting grey chinchompas at level 53 is pretty slow (around 200k an hour). Once you level up your hunter, however, you can get up to 1.2m gold an hour easily if you switch to red and black chinchompas when you reach the levels required.

This, when done on 10 accounts, makes you around 1m per hour. This, when converted to USD at $0.90 per mill (prices aggregated by RSGilded), comes out to be $1 USD per hour or $24 a day, or $150 a week excluding the price of bonds and account bans. All in all with 10 accounts, a private script, proxies, and automated bot creation you should expect around $1500 a month running 10 accounts 24/7.

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