High Alchemy OSRS Botting Guide

High Alchemy is an excellent way of making money and training your magic in a relatively fast manner, at around 55,000 XP per hour. It is an excellent way of training magic whilst making profit without having unlocked other moneymaking spells in the Lunar spellbook, which takes a significant amount of time and 85 Combat to complete Lunar Diplomacy. Botting High Alchemy will gain you plenty of OSRS GP through your botting, whether to fund wider OSRS botting or your account to later on transition to other ventures (such as Slayer).

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Casting High Alchemy does not have complex requirements. You merely need 55 Magic, and to be on the regular spellbook. You do not need OSRS membership at all. If you lack 55 magic, an excellent way to gain it is through splashing spells like curse or confuse. Splashing is done through wearing metal armour, providing a negative magic bonus. This means your spells fail to hit and you can continuously keep casting spells without a cool down, you can also bot this for free using many magic scripts.

Do bare in mind you will need 1 nature rune per each high alchemy cast. This means roughly around 200GP per cast. You will also need whatever items you intend to alch. It is recommended to keep the item in noted form in the same inventory space where the spell is clicked from. Having the items could require some startup cash, around 1 million is plenty, or you can continuously keep buying from the Grand Exchange should you wish. If you do not choose a profitable item, you will make a loss however.


There are plenty of scripts for High Alchemy. These scripts usually have plenty of settings, allowing you to specify which items you want to alch and specify the number.

Here are some popular and recommended scripts by Old School Botting:

You should have minimal ban-risk from any of these scripts when used in moderation. However, with alching, many people actually decide to use auto-clickers. This may seem counter-intuitive to the knowledge you’ve gained thus far, with auto-clickers triggering off alarms. Firstly, Jagex no longer rotates the camera which actually helps auto-clickers. In addition, Jagex uses heuristic detection to ban. If you record yourself clicking for 12 hours, and use some random variation if you wish (by a few pixels, nothing major otherwise that’d make clicks fail), you will not get banned because it is an unique pattern. Jagex can not seem to even detect the basic (long) loops, and there are cases of EHP players using auto-clickers and getting away whilst being at the top of the leaderboard.

It is up to you whether you’d like to use an auto-clicker for High Alchemy. Auto-clickers are obviously only useful in certain cases, you can’t use them to complete Zulrah or anything like that! Should you use them beyond this use-case, beware. Bans have been given where these clickers have gotten stuck and people are reported in places like agility courses.


Profitability is a tough one in this case. Just remember the High Alchemy price remains constant. Thus you can put in offers in advance to get profitable items to stack-up over time. Buy limits are an issue, but you can simply leave your offers in over an extended period of time.

If you do not do due planning, you could be making a loss and doing this only for XP. If you do planning, you could be making hundreds of thousands of OSRS gold per hour. Use tools such as Alchmate to figure out profitable items, and find the best item for you.

Best of luck with your botting endeavors!

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