Hill Giants OSRS Botting Guide

Today we will be talking about one of the most iconic low level free to play botting methods in the game – killing hill giants! This method has very low skill requirements is free to play!


The requirements for killing hill giants are very simple. Every account you wish to use this method will require level 40 base combat.

Training your combat stats to level 40 in F2P is really easy – all you need to do is use an AIO combat script and kill random F2P monsters until you reach level 40 in Attack, Defense, and Strength.


One of the best AIO combat scripts is Optimus Combat & Magic from TriBot. You could also look through the script selection from any of the other popular bot websites to find another free option!


Killing hill giants at level 40 are pretty slow (around 61k an hour). Once you level up your combat, however, you can get up to 80k gold an hour easily.

This, when done on 10 accounts, makes you around 800k per hour. This, when converted to USD at $0.60 per mill (prices taken from RSGoldFast ), comes out to be $0.72 USD per hour or $17.28 a day, or $120.96 a week excluding the price of bonds and account bans. All in all with 10 accounts, a private script, proxies, and automated bot creation you should expect around $500 a month running 10 accounts 24/7.

Be sure to sell all your gold to RSGoldFast for easy money!

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