How to use Dreambot [A Full Guide]

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To start off, Dreambot is one of the big OSRS botting clients that currently operates along with Powerbot, TriBot, and OSBot. If you are completely brand new to botting in OSRS, Dreambot is pretty much a program that you can run on your computer that lets it play Old School Runescape automatically. You can set these automated programs to perform any task you want. These tasks are called “scripts” when dealing with most major botting clients and care usually pre-made for you. If you can’t find a script you like on the client, you can then either program one yourself in Java or hire someone else to code it for you!

Installing Dreambot

The installation process for Dreambot is very easy. All you need to do is visit and click on the “Download Now” button on the main screen.


Once your file is completely downloaded you can then double click on the “DBLauncher.jar” file to run Dreambot. You will require the latest Java version to do this so you should install that before running “DBLauncher.jar”. You can find a good tutorial on how to do that here. If you see a window like this pop up you have properly installed java and run Dreambot!


You can then exit out of the client and move your downloaded file to a location of your preference

Creating a Dreambot Account

Creating a Dreambot account is also very easy. To do this you should navigate to and click on the “No thanks, continue without purchasing ” link.


After this, you can enter your relevant information in the text boxes on the screen, complete the captcha, and submit! Make sure to use a proper email account so you can verify your email after signing up!


After this you should verify your email!


After you do this you are all set up!

Adding Scripts To Your Account

Once you have successfully created your account and logged into Dreambot, you can the start to add scripts to your account. As I previously stated before, scripts tell the botting client, Dreambot in this case, what to do with your account.

To add scripts navigate to Once you are here you can see Dreambot’s selection of pre-built scripts ready for you to download. To add a script all you need to do is find the script your want to add, and click the “Add Script” bgutton.

Dreambot Script

Congratulations, you have now added four first script!

Using The Client

To use your new script you need to first navigate to the location you saved your Dreambot file to and double click it to run the Jar. Once the Dreambot launcher is open you can then set up if you want to use a proxy and how much memory to give the client.

Dreambot Launcher

Once you fill out your information click on the “Launch Client” button. You will then be greeted with a screen that asks for you Dreambot login. Fill that out and click on the “Login” button.

Dreambot Login

After you log in you will then see the actual Dreambot botting client. It should look like this.

Dreambot Client

The next thing you want to do is click on File>Manage Accounts to open the Dreambot Account Handler. It should look like this.

Dreambot Account Handler

You should then click the “Add Account” button and fill in your account information. After that click on the “Save Account” button and exit the account handler.

After this we are ready to start out script. To start your script navigate to Tools > Script Panel, click on the Free Scripts tab, and select the script you want to run. You should then choose the account you want to bot using the “No Account” dropdown menu.

Dreambot Script Selector

Finally, you can click on the start button and you will begin botting your account!

Advanced Users: Break Handeler

For advanced botteres you can also enable automatic breaks using the in built break handler. To do this navigate to Settings > Manage Settings and click on the “Break” tab. After you do this you will see an interface that lets you choose what break settings you want to run.

Dreambot Break Handler

To add breaks click on the account you want to have breaks and click on the “Add” button. After that You can edit your break information in the circled area and click “Save Break”.

Dreambot Break Handler

Finally be sure to save your Break and exit the Break Handler. If you can’t seem to see your added accounts to the client try to restart the client before adding breaks.

Final Thoughts

You should have a good understanding on how to run the Dreambot OSRS Botting client.

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