How to use TRiBot [A Full Guide]

TRiBot is currently one of the largest and safest OSRS botting clients on the market. Although the client is more advanced than some of the others listed, it is one of the most feature rich and low banrate clients out right now. TRiBot is basically a Java program that plays Old School Runescape for you giving you the ability to live your life while your computer grinds your OSRS character.

Installing TRiBot

Installing TRiBot is really easy. All you need to do is visit and click on the big blue “Download” button on the main page.

Download TRiBot

Once your file has completed downloading, you can then double click on the “tribot-loader-xxx.jar” file to run TRiBot. Keep in mind you will need the latest Java version to do this so you should install that before running ”
tribot-loader-xxx.jar “. You can find a good tutorial on how to do that here. If you see a window like the image below pop up you have successfully installed TRibot!

TRiBot Client Login

Now that you have TRiBot installed you need to log into the client.

Creating a TRiBot Account

To do this you must first create an account on the TRiBot website. You can find the account registration link here!

Adding Scripts To Your Account

Before we can start botting, we must first add some scripts to your TRibot account. You can do this by logging in and navigating to the TRiBot Repository . Once you are in the repository you should see a lot of different scripts that are offered on TRiBot.

TRiBot Repository

Once you see tghis screen you can simply add scripts to your account by clicking on the “Purchase” or “Activate” buttons under every script.

TRiBot Repository

Using The Client

Once you have registered and selected your scripts, you then need to insert your TRiBot details into the Username and Password sections of the pop-up box and click on the “Login” button!

After this you will reach a screen that looks like this:

TRiBot Client

To create a new OSRS client instance you must now click on the “new client” button in the center of the screen.

TRiBot Client

After this you should see a normal OSRS client load in the TRiBot client area.

OSRS Client

After this screen loads you can then add an OSRS account to your client. You can do this by clicking on View and then on Account Manager. You can then add all your account information in that popup and save.

TRiBot Account Handler

You can now start your script. To do this simply click on “Start Script” in the top right corner and fill out the popup with what script you want to load. You first need to choose your script, you can find the selector in the left-most section of the script pop-up. You then need to choose your account – you can do this by clicking on the “Auto-Relog dropdown”. You can then simply click on “Start”!

Final Thoughts

You should have a good understanding on how to run the TRiBot OSRS Botting client.

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