Iron Mining OSRS Botting Guide

One of the most recognizable OSRS botting methods is suicide botting iron ore. This method has very low skill requirements and requires you to complete a few easy free to play quests before you can effectively mine iron ore for profit.

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The requirements for mining iron ore in free to play are really easy to complete. The requirement for this method is 15 mining, allowing you to mine iron ore.

You should also strive to get 7 quest points on your account to remove the free to play trade limit from it. The quests I recommend completing are;

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Sheep Shearer
  • Cooks Assistant

These quests only take like 10 minutes to finish and greatly decrease the time required for each account to be profitable.


I actually created a custom script that;

  • Completes Tutorial Island
  • Gets 7 Quest Points
  • Level Up Mining to Level 15
  • Sell Tin and Copper to Grand Exchange and Buy Upgraded Pickaxes
  • Mine Iron
  • Trade Mule When Inventory’s Value is Greater Than 100k
  • Repeat

Although this script may be overkill for mining iron, it completely automates the process of botting iron ore in OSRS.

One good basic script that I have used in the past is the RSPeer AIO Miner . This script is written for RSPeer, a relatively new old school botting client that has a really low ban rate at the moment.


Mining iron ore at level 15 is very slow. You can expect around 15k gold per hour at this level. Once you reach 40 mining and buy a runite pickaxe, however, you can expect around 40k gp per hour.

This when done on 50 accounts nets you around 2m per hour. This when converted to USD at $0.71 per mill (prices taken from RSGilded) comes out to around $1.42 per hour, $34.08 per day, and $238.56 per month in profit. In total, running 50 accounts non stop for a month should net you around $600 a month in pure profit. Pretty good for such a basic botting method!


None of the figures posted in this guide will be accurate when you try this method for yourself. One of our favorite places to sell our OSRS Gold is at RSGoldMine, be sure to check them out if you are looking for a trusted place to sell your gold! Make sure to test out the rates before investing time and money into any of the methods listed above.

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