Magic Logs OSRS Botting Guide

One very common OSRS botting method is woodcutting magic logs. This method is pay to play and requires a high skill level to participate in before you can start to earn money!


The skill levels required to cut magic are quite difficult to obtain. You will need 75 woodcutting and a dragon hatchet to gain a decent number of magic logs an hour.

75 woodcutting should take you around 48 hours to obtain at full efficiency.


For this method you an use any AIO woodcutting bot that supports banking. The only serious choice you need to make is what botting client you want to use. A few good botting clients that have a low ban rate are Tribot, RSPeer, and OSBot. As always, if you employ proper botting practices and use your brain while botting you should be fine using any decent bot.


Woodcutting yew logs lets you around 100k gold per hour at level 75, this moves up to around 125k an hour when you are above 85 woodcutting. This means if you run 30 bots at once you can expect around 3.7m an hour. This at current market rates ($0.62 per mill) makes you $2.29 per hour. If you run these bots non stop for a day you should earn around $54.96 per day or $384.72 per week. In total, you can expect to earn around $1200 a month running 30 yew bots 24/7 when you take ban and proxy costs into account.

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