Master Farmer OSRS Botting Guide

Thieving is one of the hardest skills to train in Old School RuneScape. You basically have to click thousands of times per hour, which does real damage to your wrist. Fortunately, solutions exist whereby you can train thieving automatically. By choosing to train at Master Farmer, you will gain up to a million GP per hour and tens of thousands of experience. It is by far the best place to train thieving, especially at lower levels. At higher levels, you could perhaps consider Agility Pyramid or other alternatives purely due to experience gain. Nonetheless, you can profit highly from setting up a master farmer botting farm, which is incredibly low maintenance and easy setup.


You only need level 38 thieving – that’s literally the only requirement. Whilst completing diaries will help, it isn’t required at all. Ardougne Hard Diary will increase your pickpocketing chance by 10% – this essentially only speeds up the process, so in effect makes little difference. It’s worth completing if you’re botting your main to make money and get experience if you already meet the tough requirements of that diary.

At 50 Thieving you can also additionally get Rogue equipment which gives double loot. That’s really helpful if you have the time to spare to complete the minigame. You can also bot the minigame using separate scripts but it may not be worth it for a full botting operation where you’re going to involve a lot of accounts.

Jugs of wine certainly help. They cost 3GP each and heal 11 HP. They will lower your attack but that is irrelevant for thieving. You will take a lot of damage from failed attempts at lower levels of thieving. To combat this, do some combat training on the account and bot thieving to level 38 by pickpocketing guards. All in all, it’s a few hours setup and very much so worth it, given you can bot all the training required. You’d just need to supply the account with cheap wines.


There are many scripts you can choose from. There should be scripts available for this activity on every botting platform. Furthermore, general thieving scripts intended for training could also include code for Master Farmer. You’re just essentially healing up and dropping worthless seeds whilst keeping the profitable ones.

  • RuneMate: Divine Thiever. This costs $0.05 per hour, or you can use the Lite edition (free), which is basically the same except you can only use Draynor Village. And it doesn’t automatically drop all seeds, it will bank the trash too.
  • OSBot has numerous scripts available, roughly around $6 for lifetime purchases. They are definitely worth it. For example, look at Molly’s Thiever. There’s also Perfect Thiever.
  • DreamBot has Master Farmer AIO – and it’s completely free!

As always, when picking your script of choice, read the latest reviews. They’ll indicate any issues, such as bots being stuck or a high ban-rate. It’s always important to do your research before you use anything, and things can change fast.


The main profitability here is actually derived from two seeds in particular. The Ranarr seed is worth 45,000 GP and you’re expected to get 5-20 of these per hour. The Snapdragon seed is worth 60,000 GP and you’re expected to get 1-5 of these per hour. There are some more profitable seeds, however, they are rarer. You will get a lot of junk in the hour too!

You can get anywhere from 30,000 experience to 150,000 experience here. There are certain factors in this equation, such as your current level, the diary, and Rogue outfit we previously mentioned.

You are expected to make anywhere between 200,000 to 1,000,000 OSRS gold here, so you can’t really go wrong picking Master Farmer to bot!

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