Nightmare Zone OSRS Botting Guide

Nightmare Zone

Nightmare Zone is, by far, the best way to train your combat at an accelerated rate. This is incredibly useful as certain bosses require high combat levels, which could take months to achieve naturally through training Slayer. Moreover, Slayer is ineffective to reach all 99s, and will only take your combat so far. Even if you plan on training combat via Slayer, you could be spending (or rather, wasting) 50 hours doing Nightmare Zone to get to a point where Slayer is actually useful. As you know, Slayer at lower combat levels is completely pointless, and far slower to train with. Hence botting Nightmare Zone is incredibly useful to whatever extent you choose: a point where Slayer is effective or to get 99s or levels for certain bosses.

In this guide, we will document the process of botting Nightmare Zone in Old School RuneScape.


The requirements for Nightmare Zone are that you have completed five eligible quests with boss monsters. In case you’re unaware of which quests are eligible:

  • Contact
  • Desert Treasure
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Dream Mentor
  • Fairy Tale I
  • Family Crest
  • Fight Arena
  • Grim Tales
  • Haunted Mine
  • Holy Grail
  • Horror from the Deep
  • In Search of the Myreque
  • Legends’ Quest
  • Lost City
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • Monkey Madness I
  • Mountain Daughter
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure
  • One Small Favour
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Roving Elves
  • Shadow of the Storm
  • Shilo Village
  • Tale of the Righteous
  • The Ascent of Arceuus
  • The Corsair Curse
  • The Depths of Despair
  • The Fremennik Isles
  • The Grand Tree
  • The Great Brain Robbery
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Troll Romance
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Vampire Slayer
  • What Lies Below
  • Witch’s House

If you only complete 5 quests with boss monsters, you will also get a lower rate per each NMZ session. The exact saving you will receive is 20,000 gold – per session. This is of course only useful either in retrospect or for alternative/newly-created accounts, however.

You should also have decent base stats. The best setup is 60/60/60 strength, attack, and defence. Using full Obsidian is actually better than Dharoks if you crunch the mathematics. You should also have use an Berserker ring and an Obsidian necklace, as these compliment the effects from the Obsidian gear so are optimal, but are not required. Add a dragon defender to your setup when you qualify. If you are training Ranged, chins and cannons are usually far better, but you can also train ranged at the Nightmare Zone in OSRS.


For your script setup, we recommend the usage of these five bosses in Rumble mode:

  • Vampire Slayer’s boss, Count Draynor
  • The Grand Tree’s boss, Black Demon
  • Lost City’s boss, Tree Spirit
  • The Depths of Despair’s boss, Sand Snake
  • Tree Gnome Village’s boss, Khazard warlord

NMZ scripts are extremely popular. This is because it is an instanced event. The ban rates, even when running the script for 24 hours in a row, are extremely low. Nobody can report you, you aren’t tracked as heavily and the heuristics are simply off due to how repetitive and simple the Nightmare Zone is. Thus, you can feel confident about botting in this instance to remove the boring grind. Moreover, you can also enable prayer flicking to increase your XP/hr, in exchange for an ever-so-slightly higher ban risk rate.

Most Nightmare Zone scripts are premium, especially if they are highly rated within the scene. Here’s some examples of scripts you can run:

If you are using any other botting clients, feel free to search their repositories! Have fun botting NMZ, because you can bot with extreme confidence knowing it is one of the most risk-free minigames to bot whilst being extremely repetitive.

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