OSRS Color Bots and Screen Scrapers

Old School RuneScape bots have to function in some manner. They need to know exactly where to click, where to go, what path to follow, what to interact with. As such, bots are surprisingly difficult to program. They require extensive different techniques to be applied for them to function in an effective manner. Over the years, there have been numerous different approaches to the main concepts behind bots.

The reason this is important is that you want your bots to be working completely. A bot should be undetectable, zero-bans, user-friendly and doesn’t get stuck anywhere (which also leads to detection) in a perfect world. In addition, a framework needs to be extensible to cover a wide variety of different botting applications, meaning different skills and moneymaking methods. In this article, we will cover a slightly old-time approach to bots. Even though newer methods do exist, you will occasionally find bots using this technology, so it’s good theoretical knowledge. In addition, recently mobile bots have become somewhat popular and use these methods and are advertised as undetectable. This is giving them popularity.

How do they work?

These bots work by scraping the screen’s or the game’s actual video display. From this, they can identify things to understand what they should interact with. Namely: colors, shapes (of different sizes and sorts) and specific text (so they know what to click on in a menu, and don’t interact with a random player). Using these factors, they will find what they need to interact with and execute it by matching everything piece by piece. For example, once it sees the shape of a mental ore, it then checks the colors and identifies if it’s the correct one the user/script wants and proceeds to mine it. Checking the colors of it also means it knows if the ore has been depleted, so it doesn’t make any mistake on that front!

A funny prank between players was to trick these bots. For example, if it’s trying to grab a Wine of Zamorak, a player may drop a Wine of Zamorak outside and the bot will run after it. After this, the players can keep dropping Wine of Zamorak and take the bot to anywhere on the map they like. Read on to figure out exactly how they work. This used to get rid of bots in areas for players.

Are they effective?

As of 2019, they aren’t that effective. 15 years ago, they were the most popular bot form. Jagex was a bit stumped on fixing an issue like botting altogether, given how fast the game and company grew. There also wasn’t a huge market for real-world trade behind botting back then, like there is now. There was nothing present in-game to stop these bots. As such, they made up a majority of bots. They were easy and quick to develop and distribute. These days, they’d be lucky to count as 10% of all active bots.

Jagex has gotten smarter and hired field experts to help with their issues. They use many tricks to prevent these bots. For example, they may slightly alter the colors of that Runite ore. The color change is only very slight and not visible to a regular player, and it alternates every now and then, but that bot is scripted to look for exact colors programmed in. In addition, they’re able to relocate or reshape objects slightly or add new objects into the path.

So these bots are very easy to detect because they are very easy to break. An important piece of history to understand is that random events were added due to these bots. Back in the day, random events were not optional, they were forced and scripted to be a bigger deal than they currently are. This forced bot authors to abandon color bots. They moved onto more intelligent bots that can deal with stuff like forced random events coming up. And, we must not forget players tricking the bots!


While OSRS color bots or screen scrapers may not be the best bot choice of 2019, understanding how bots function will allow you to make informed decisions and ensure your accounts are not banned for something easily preventable. Currently, Reflection and Mirror bots dominate the market and are much more advanced. Using a color bot or screen scraper is clearly not the path to go, with all the flaws present and how detectable it is. Not only that, but your bot will likely get stuck and active development of such bots is practically unheard of. There’s only a small new mobile bot market if that ever takes off or has any legitimacy behind it.

Good luck with botting!

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