Smithing Cannonballs OSRS Botting Guide

Smithing cannonballs is an excellent way to train your smithing whilst making tons of money. Eventually, you can progress to Blast Furnace or you can choose to setup a botting operation with numerous easy-setup accounts that are low-risk.

If you are intending on progressing to Blast Furnace, you will certainly enjoy the OSRS gold generated here. Blast Furnace is a costly endeavor with a fee of 72,000 GP per hour, not counting the bars and coal you’ll have to purchase as well.

In this guide, we will explore how you can bot the production of cannonballs. You’ll gain experience in smithing in a fast manner and plenty of gold, all while avoiding the tedious clicking for hours-on-end. Unfortunately, the task can be very repetitive, which is why you’re probably looking to bot it in the first place!


Membership is required. You can activate membership on your accounts using bonds, and you will make your GP back after less than a day of botting. You won’t even have to lift a finger!

Completion of Dwarf Cannon is required. That may sound worrying, but there are no prerequisites and it’s a short quest. Furthermore, you do not have to defeat any enemies. If you don’t want to manually complete it, you can also bot quest completion with scripts from OSBot and more.

Ensure you have 35 Smithing. You can make some gold jewelry or complete quests to get to 35 Smithing. Both of the aforementioned can also be botted/automated for a botting farm.

Edgeville furnace is the closest to a bank, so you should use that, and there are no requirements to access it. Buy an Ammo mould from the Grand Exchange, it is incredibly inexpensive, priced at a few hundred GP. You will also need roughly 540 Steel bars per hour, which will cost 200k GP but the cannonballs produced can be sold for 400k GP or more.


When you’re looking at scripts for smithing, there’s plenty of items in the catalog for every botting client. It’s really a matter of elimination by reading reviews and seeing which scripts are actively updated and have good user interfaces. If you can’t decide yourself, here are a few of our top picks for a few clients from Old School Botting:

All of these are perfectly valid options. There are many more choices on each script repository of your favorite client. RSPeer had extremely high reported ban rates shortly after its launch, it is unknown how ‘detectable’ the current client and scripts are.


Profitability is highly dependent on market rates. An interesting fact is that cannonballs can be easily flipped, so don’t sell them for market rates. Usually, you will make anywhere between 150k-400k GP per hour. This is factoring in market fluctuations and flipping by around 10 GP above market rate. You can also hold cannonballs in your bank rather than instantly selling if the current market rates are lower than usual.

Best of luck with your OSRS botting!

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