Teleport Tabs OSRS Botting Guide

Teleport Tabs

Creating teleport tabs in OSRS is very profitable. Not only is it profitable, it will quickly level up your magic to a high level, getting you to 75 Magic or higher, allowing you to use the Trident and dominate Slayer. You could even operate a farm with low-cost/time (for startup) and low-risk accounts creating teleport tabs. Let’s get right into the guide and how we can do this and what we can achieve!


The requirements are extremely easy to comprehend here. First of all, teleport tabs can only be created (and even used) by OSRS members. The lowest magic level you can start at is 25 and you have various options. You must be on the regular spellbook.

Using an elemental staff you can mitigate the costs of any elemental runes needed. For each tablet made, you essentially need the runes needed to cast the teleport spell in the first place, in addition to a piece of soft clay (which fluctuates in price from 50 GP to 100 GP). You also need certain lecterns to create tablets at in a house, however you can simply use a host world (i.e. 330) and use someone else’s house.


Here are the scripts we recommend for this activity:

  • For RuneMate: gTablets (free). Alternative is Firefox’s Tablet Maker however this script is incredibly basic (only creating Varrock teleports and forces usage of your own home).
  • For OSBot: Khal’s Tabmaker ($9.99 lifetime purchase).

gTablets is the clear winner in this instance. Why you ask? Because while Khal also allows you to specify a host (someone advertising their house for you to use their lectern), gTablets can intelligently find a host automatically for you. This means you don’t even need to input a name. This means the script is clearly more advanced, and what’s more, is it’s available for free!

The issue with Khal’s Tabmaker is it will require manual intervention. This is because when someone is hosting their house, they must be inside the house and online. Nobody can stay on 24/7, hence after a few hours, they go offline and inputting the same host name in the ‘friend’s house’ field will give you an error. You would know this if you’ve ever used a host house to train your prayer with a gilded altar. Using gTablets allows you to circumvent this major problem and provides a fully autonomous solution.


The profitability from this activity will extremely vary. This is due to market rates, and you can even merch the tablets and sell them for higher than the market rate (they will eventually sell). Teleport tablets are in high-demand so you will never have trouble selling them.

Here’s a reference of current rates (for more updated rates use a calculator site like this one):

  • Varrock Tablets. Requires 25 magic, yields 250,000 OSRS GP per hour.
  • Teleport to House Tablets. You will make roughly 150,000 OSRS gold per hour.
  • Camelot Tablets. Requires 43 magic, yields 100,000 OSRS GP per hour.
  • Ardougne Tablets. 51 magic, roughly 100,000 OSRS GP per hour.
  • Bones to Peaches Tablets. Requiring 60 magic, can provide you 300,00 GP-500,000 GP per hour. They are popular as you must complete Mage Training Arena to cast the spell yourself (taking 10-20 hours) and don’t take runes, rather just one inventory space.

There are two considerations to make here. The higher level required, the more experience you will gain per hour. And, if you use a demon butler (requiring high construction for the butler and lecterns in your own house), you can make millions per hour, as it much faster than unnoting at Phials from the Rimmington General Store.

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