Top 7 best skills to bot in OSRS

Blast Furnace

Old School RuneScape can naturally be a very grind-oriented game with very long tedious stretches. By employing the use of bots, you can make money and level up your skills without having to manually endure and waste many hours. Especially at earlier levels, you will be limited in your moneymaking and leveling and won’t have access to more fun methods such as Zulrah that would give you millions of gold per hour, and grant you experience in magic and range.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best skills to bot in OSRS. There are certain skills you have to avoid, such as Agility. Due to the amount of interaction involved, patterns are easily formed and it is very detectable. Another skill to avoid botting is Runecrafting, which has heavy bot watch resources dedicated to it.

1. Smithing

Smithing is a great skill to bot, making cannon balls or metal bars at the blast furnace. Complete quests such as The Knight’s Swords to quickly level up to those stages. Manually making cannon balls or doing blast furnace is simply completely repetitive. Botting blast furnace is very simple, you can use bots such as Silent’s Blast Furnace.

Why is smithing such a great skill to bot? With blast furnace, you will be doing essentially meta experience methods whilst also doing the meta GP methods. It can be described as the perfect mix between GP and XP. The exception is making gold bars (with gold gauntlets), which however you can also bot, but you will run the costs of hundreds of millions. Thus, the alternative method is not very popular except for players who somehow already have a bank value of billions.

2. Fletching

Fletching is another tedious skill, however, it is very easy to bot. This is listed as number two because you will not have to engage in a repetitive grind, and you can make a decent amount of money to level 99.

Fletching has a very low ban rate and can provide fantastic starter cash for any account that needs funding.

3. Crafting

Crafting is similar to Fletching, and there are many versatile scripts out there that can adapt to different locations and crafting whatever you want. Making jewelry is a fantastic moneymaker in Old School RuneScape, and this is also possible in Free to Play with the ban rate being low.

4. Crafting

Hunter is simply the best non-combat moneymaker from 1-99. You will make hundreds of millions and will be available to fund whatever you need in terms of gear for combat/slayer (which at early levels can be expensive). You will also gain the funds needed to level up skills.

The only reason this skill is listed as fourth is you have to be slightly careful. Limit botting hunter to a maximum of four hours per day, and put some variety effort into your botting (bot other skills too). Hunter has plenty of botters, and players will report accounts they think they are botting. However, if you limit your botting and don’t go nuts, you will be fine.

5. Combat: Melee/Range

Fighting bots are typically the most advanced bots in the scene. Any scripters looking to create one need to account for countless factors for their bots to even be functional, which is why most of them are of great quality.

In particular, Nightmare Zone has the best bots. This is because you can leave your bot running for 12 hours, or longer, and have absolutely no worry. No one can report you at the Nightmare Zone. In the OSRS botting scene, people have the best results from NMZ and the lowest reported ban rate is from NMZ. This is because NMZ is very AFK – you only have to take sips of potions every 5 minutes or so. Patterns are far harder to form in comparison to real players, because players have timers for their potions due to custom clients.

You can also find bots that will fight X (you input which) enemy. They also heal when needed (at a certain hitpoint range, custom defined so no patterns and tailored to your account’s stats/gear). This is very handy for Slayer, but they typically aren’t suitable for enemies like sand crabs, so you will need a separate bot for that due to the aggressiveness mechanic.

6. Magic

There are many bots available to provide an entire suite for magic. You can also use autoclickers as automatic camera movement has been removed. This prevents patterns as it’s your own recordings, which surprisingly, Jagex is bad at detecting when they are long enough and have little pixel offset.

With such bots, you have an entire suite for tablet creation, high alchemy and lunar spells such as humidify that provides hundreds of thousands of GP per hour. You also get 50k magic XP per hour just from humidify.

7. Mining

Mining bots are very helpful. Especially Motherlode Mine bots. However, do be careful with Motherlode Mine bots and limit to 4 hours per day just like Hunter.

You will not be making any good money through mining (unless you mine gems which requires Karamja Hard diary). Rather, you will avoid the mundane grind. Without bots, you will end up clicking the same 3 rocks for 6 hours. It’s even worse than woodcutting, as with woodcutting the amount of logs is random and you will be moving around. Botting mining will save you hundreds of hours of boredom. With low ban rates, botting mining is a must if the account needs mining as a requirement or it is a main.

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