Zulrah OSRS Botting Guide


Zulrah is an extremely lucrative moneymaker. Not only is it rewarding, but it is also incredibly consistent. In this guide, we will explore how you can bot Zulrah, and potentially even set up a botting farm for Zulrah for extra income or OSRS gold to fund your in-game ventures! Rest assured, every single necessary detail will be covered and it is not as complex as you may imagine it to be.


First of all, let’s cover the combat stats requirements:

  • At least 45 Prayer.
  • 70 defense or higher is recommended.
  • 75 Magic for Trident usage, 75 Ranged for Toxic Blowpipe usage. At least 70 hitpoints.

These stat requirements are lower than what a complete beginner would be expected to have, because any decently written bot is able to defeat Zulrah with excellent ability from the first kill. Hence, there is no learning process factored into the stat recommendations here.

The tricky part of this is the quest requirements (if you are setting up a botting farm). You can bot the quests themselves as well as the stats required for these quests. You can also pay third-party services to manually level some skills and/or complete quests. Usually, botting Agility is risky and requires care. You can also train some stuff manually yourself, as once the account is ready, it’s good to go and requires no further care, part of an autonomous operation. However it is worth looking into botting the prerequisites as you may want to expand at a faster rate or you may receive bans on some accounts eventually.

Here are the quest requirements:

  • Plague City. An extremely easy quest.
  • Biohazard. Another extremely easy quest, unless you can’t defeat a level 13 enemy.
  • Underground Pass. You need at least 40 Agility here (60+ is best), and 25 Ranged. The quest isn’t difficult but it is long and complex the first time you do it, if you’re doing it manually. Without a high Agility level, you will fail obstacles and could be reset far away from the course.
  • Regicide. 56 Agility is required, but you can boost from 51 with Summer Pies. You do not need full completion of the quest, only until you unlock Zul-Andrea.


Scripts for Zulrah aren’t in abundance, in comparison to something like High Alchemy. They have to be extremely well-designed and the ability to recognize varying bossing patterns and respond fast. On top of that, they must have an excellent anti-ban, or the script itself is useless for mass distribution. As you can imagine, it would be complex to design such a script. Needless to say, some brave souls have taken on the mammoth of the task and produced the required scripts:

As you can tell, there’s no free option available here. This is because you make so much money from doing Zulrah that you are expected to pay here. Even if you don’t have the necessary capital, you can simply sell some gold and fund continued usage of these scripts. Each of these scripts are advanced and have their own setups and instructions, it is worth looking into each, but I would look more towards RuneMate and OSBot for this. In addition, many choose to commission their own private script to lower ban rates. Ensure to use separate IPs for each accounts via proxy if you are running a bot farm.


The profitability of each account is excellent. You will make roughly 1.5 million OSRS GP per hour, up to 5 million GP per hour. This rate is dependent on market rates, and sometimes your methods. For example, you will have quicker kills with better gear.

Best of luck with goldfarming with Zulrah! Please leave any questions you have in the comments.

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